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Wednesday, July 12, 2006 - Next Release: Latest Update

Update 12/7/06: Ooops late again. Production is kinda clashing with Fern's release, since Meng is doing work for both but we will be picking up a first draft of the mix this week. So in short, the new album is delayed again. Sorry for those of you who have been waiting. We are still targeting for a July release. Good thing it has 31 days.

Update 13/6/06: The first track will be called 'Track *'. In case you haven't noticed, the new album will be an amalgamation of the previous EP and the new songs.

We have finally completed recording the new songs. Yay-hoo. The songs will be featured in our upcoming eponymous album and they are (not necessarily in order):
  1. track *
  2. blood
  3. the waiting room
  4. mint
  5. malady
  6. everyone and you
  7. the wistful
  8. catch-22
  9. dealing with minors
  10. sunrise, rampart
Mixing and mastering will be next and we hope to have a release on the 1st of July to coincide with a wedding we're playing for. Yea sell em' from the back of our car boots or something.

Malady, the album's most accessible track was played on 2 weeks ago, as part of a feature publicising works in progress by local artists. For that we thank Siang from Umbrella Records.

Inspktor blogged at 12:29 pm

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