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Wednesday, August 24, 2005 - Next Release

Update 26/11/05: We've finished recording most of the music and the vocals for one of the song is done. However, I don't think we'll make the Christmas deadline. Oh well, it's not the first time I've been late. :P

The band were back in the studio during Adrian's short stint home, working on 5 new songs. Adrian has since gone back to the States, leaving with us completed bits of drumming. The rest of us will now do our parts and complete the songs. As usual, Ben, Keith and I are writing one each and we'll be collaborating on another 2. There's a re-working of a tune from our first EP, Take a Powder, so watch for that. We're shooting for a Christmas release.

We also had the opportunity to have some pictures taken by a photography hobbyist (can I call him that? dunno). Tommy was looking to snap pictures of a band as part of a personal project of his. He takes his pictures in black & white and doesn't like using flash. Who does anyway? I'll find some time to post some pictures soon.

Inspktor blogged at 12:20 pm

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