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Sunday, August 20, 2006 - The New Album is Out!

Update 26/08/06: Andrew, the Music Man at Music Magic, Central Market has agreed to take a consignment of 10 copies. So if you're interested in getting a copy of the album, it's going for RM15. The full address of Music Magic is:

Music Magic
M26, Mezzanine Floor
Central Market
Jalan Hang Kesturi
50050 KL
Tel: +603-2274-6649

Update 24/08/06: has published a recent interview with the band, you can read that article here. You can also read the full script which features Adrian (yea he was also there) at the downloads section.

We have finally finished it. We are planning to seek the permission of Music Magic, Standing Wave Studios and other places still in consideration, to leave a few copies. We'll sort that out by 31st August, our official release date.

In the meantime, we're meeting people we can meet, sending out press kits and updating our online presence(s) about the news.

Inspktor blogged at 7:55 pm

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